The Texas Wrangler Darlins is looking for girls who are confident in themselves, have exhibited school spirit, have a desire to help the community, and can make the best out of any situation! We are a close knit group excited to welcome new members and help enhance their time at the University of Texas at Austin. We recruit during both the fall and spring semesters.

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  • Must be a student at UT Austin
  • Must have a grade point of 2.5 of higher (excluding first semester students)
  • Must attend at least ONE pillar event and ONE information session
  • Must have turned in the given application by the due date
  • Must not have received disciplinary correction from UT, including temporary suspension or expulsion
  • Must display leadership potential, creativity, willingness to serve the community, academic excellence, and a willingness to develop these qualities

The Texas Wrangler Darlins is part of Student Activities and Leadership Development (SALD). We abide by their rules and regulations regarding recruitment. The hazing policy can be seen here. If you have any concerns or complaints with the Texas Wrangler Darlins’ recruitment process, please contact SALD.

If you would like more information about recruitment for Fall 2012, please contact Recruitment Co-Chairs, Brittany Ellefson and Jamie Fly at  Thanks!